• What we stand for:

    * High quality natural and organic products
    * High flexibility
    * Individual customisation options
    * Fast response times
    * Large portfolio

    Our promise:

    * Working together to bring about real change in the organic cosmetics market
    * THE expert for natural and organic cosmetics with extensive expertise
    * High-quality, carefully selected ingredients from nature

    What we offer:

    * Innovative private label manufacturing and full service / bulk production
    * Support in all aspects of the product life cycle
    * Trustworthy and reliable partnership
    * Highest level of quality and environmental responsibility

    Product segments

    Natural and organic cosmetics, certifiable according to COSMOS

    Colour cosmetics, e.g. mascara, lipsticks or make-up

    Care products from the areas of face and body care, shampoo, shower gel and men's products

    Research & Development

    Further development or new development of colour cosmetics and care products

    Development and realisation of formulations with innovative active ingredients

    Certification according to COSMOS standards possible

    Production & Filling

    Production from very small quantities to large series

    Extensive, modern machinery

    Filling in various sizes and types of packaging (jars, bottles, tubes)

    Packaging & Logistics

    Design department for the creation of individual customer requirements

    Handling of various packaging units and secondary packaging

    Possibilities to manage small order sizes up to complete container volumes

    Examples of our successful collaborations

    Lenz Naturpflege
    vary vace

    You can find a detailed presentation and our briefing form here


    Research and development

    Products for eyes, lips, complexion and nails. More details and examples here

    Face and body care, shampoo, shower gel and men's products, more details and examples here

    From very small quantities from 2000 pieces up to large batches

    GMP requirements for cosmetics

    Production & Filling

    We offer production of small series starting at 2,000 pieces up to large series

    Thanks to our modern machinery, we can fill a wide variety of packaging - from bottles and tubes to jars and refill bags - in a partially or fully automated process

    Yes, depending on the type of packaging and the quantities, filling and labelling are carried out on fully or semi-automated machines

    Packaging & Logistics

    The handling of outer packaging is easily possible for a small surcharge.

    From very small quantities to entire container loads, we can handle all volumes

    How to contact us

    Interested in our private label solutions?

    Please contact us by e-mail at privatelabel@cosmondial.de or via the contact form on the right

    If you already have specific ideas or requirements, please send us the completed briefing table.