• Discover the world of GRN [GRÜN]
    the certified organic cosmetics brand for skin & hair

    With GRN [GREEN], a high-quality brand from the upper mid-price segment conquers the market. No other color stands for new beginnings, nature and life as much as green. In a green world, you have more time for yourself, can take a deep breath, calm down, let go and do something good for yourself and your skin.

    The GRN [GREEN] lines take natural skincare to a new level!

    All our products are developed with the highest standards of quality, effectivenessand innovation. With our three sophisticated GRN [GREEN] skincare lines and a line (also) for men, we always have the right solution at hand thanks to high-quality ingredients and formulations and active ingredients specially tailored to different skin and hair needs. We also give a new lease of life to somewhat forgotten, down-to-earth ingredients such as cucumber, apple and barley with our products - in organic quality, of course. Thanks to the subtle fragrances that match the respective line, the products can also be ideally combined with each other between the lines for the optimum care effect.

    53 care products are complemented by our decorative cosmetics range, which impresses with its 48 beauty must-haves for the complexion, eyes and lips in a wide range of colors and attractive paper packaging. The modern design of GRN [GREEN] is based on an easy-to-understand color coding system in which each color represents a product line. All GRN [GREEN] products are 100% COSMOS ORGANIC certified, naturally cruelty-freeand veganwherever possible.

    * Over 75% of our entire GRN [GREEN] range is vegan. However, for quality reasons, some products contain beeswax, honey, propolis or carmine, for example.

    There are a total of three care lines for different skin types:

    Pure Elements

    Gentle care with carefully selected natural ingredients, specially developed for the needs of sensitive skin.

    with sea salt & green algae, among others

    Essential Elements

    Daily and light care for all skin and hair types, especially for normal and combination skin.

    with organic hemp & organic calendula, among others

    Rich Elements

    Rich and firming care thanks to valuable oils and regenerating ingredients for mature and demanding skin.

    with organic olive oil & organic grape seed oil, among others

    These lines are complemented by:

    Gentlemen's Organic

    Powerful and natural care for body, face and (beard) hair with high-quality ingredients for a confident appearance.

    with organic hemp & organic hops, among others

    Colour Cosmetics

    Colour cosmetics range that impresses with its 48 beauty must-haves for the complexion, eyes and lips in a wide range of colors and attractive paper packaging.

    In natural and trendy colors